• Please state the number in your party when making reservations only two persons per bedroom
– 2 bedrooms = 4 people
– 3 bedrooms = 6 people
Occasional consideration is given to families with small children.

• Government regulations requires that everyone must register

• No visitors

• No smoking allowed

• Must not allow music volume to disturb others

• Parking for registered guests at rear or side of cottages. Check at the office for visitor parking

• Please DO NOT remove furniture or dishes from the cottages

• Please return picnic tables and lawn chairs to original location before checkout

• Please wash, dry and return dishes to cupboards

• Please take garbage to bin at roadside, do NOT leave it in the cottage

• Anyone seen or suspected of having drugs or firearms will be reported to the police

• It’s your home during your stay please leave it clean and tidy when you checkout

• These rules are to insure the enjoyment of all guest anyone asked to leave for not obeying the rules will not receive a refund